Dec. 14th, 2010 06:54 pm
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Disclaimer: I am already feeling really raw here, so this is (I think) affecting me more than usual.

I love BioWare. I love KotOR. I adoooore Mass Effect. I enjoyed Dragon Age (longass game though it was) and I am eagerly awaiting The Old Republic. I just finished my second of seven (!) planned playthroughs of Mass Effect and each of those is getting ported over to ME2. Saturday I sat through the Video Game Awards on Spike TV - twice - because my DVR blipped and skipped some of it. I endured shitty misogynistic jokes and cut scenes to watch their world premiere trailer of ME3.

So why do I feel like nobody cares? Why do I feel so... erased? Gaming statistics indicate that the female contingent of gamers is growing in leaps and bounds, and a large percentage of that is in MMOs and the RPG sector. So what the almighty clusterfuck is the BioWare store?

Look at this fucking awesome soft-shell jacket! I would buy that jacket in a heartbeat except - wait for it - I have fucking breasts, and I'm short, and I have narrow fucking shoulders, and men's jackets don't fit me. Want a hoodie? Choices of: royal blue, charcoal, gunmetal gray, black, and Ladies'. (Ladies' available in charcoal only). How about a t-shirt? Choose from 22 designs, ranging from the winners of the 'submit your favorite quote' contest ("I should go" and "You exist because we allow it"), to a fucking awesome one of Legion, a geth, a sweet Tali shirt, a Normandy shirt... oh wait, you're a chick? My bad, you have ten choices, two of which are actually hoodies and were represented on the outerwear page.

Like, what the fuck, Bioware? I WANT to buy your things. I want that soft-shell jacket so much I can actually fucking taste it. Why am I not even an afterthought? Why is it impossible to get these things done in multiple cuts or sizes or styles? I'm not alone here - why don't you care about us?


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