Nov. 29th, 2010 04:24 pm
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So [ profile] kryptongirl alluded to this in my second-to-last post about my flight home. The Boston-LA-Sydney-Perth-Sydney-San Francisco-Boston trip went through so many goddamn revisions that I maybe accidentally brought along the wrong rev of my itinerary and arrived at the airport about twenty minutes after my flight took off. OOPS. Seventy five dollars (and a milkshake) and some stress about how United needs to get over themselves w/r/t suitcase weight (ffs I will pay more for a bag over 50 pounds! WAY MORE! I have lived out of this for a month!) I arrived at home kind of sheepish about that mixup.

I have had social plans every day since I came home last Monday and I'm starting to burn out sort of spectacularly. The Boy, Andrew, family, family, The Boy, The Boy's family, Andrew... Saturday the boy's family was in town from AZ so now only did I get to run the gauntlet of meeting the family again, we walked all over Boston. All my flats were at mom's for some reason though so I walked like 3 miles in 2-inch heels, my thighs will never forgive me as long as I live and breathe. I don't have plans tomorrow but I DO have a dr's appt and they're probably going to draw blood so I am going to zonk myself out on valium and have my brother drive me home. Wednesday I have plans and then Thursday and Friday I am back in Maryland, will this job never end I lie I kind of love how hectic my life is. Thank god I don't have a dog.

[ profile] mythrai & other perfume peeps I need to know if Conjure Oils is bottleworthy because there are like 2 scents that are ABSOLUTELY ME and if it is I'm gonna pop 'em on the Xmas list. Or is it chancy and I should start with all the pips?


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