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Sep. 15th, 2011 12:45 pm
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So I am going to Quebec tomorrow WHO KNEW oh everyone at the office except me. I need a week's worth of "business nice-casual" clothes and lmao I have like two day's worth so I have to go shopping, uh, tonight, and buy pants because at this stage I have one pair of pants that is not jeans and not a suit. I come back from Quebec and then go to Baltimore and then to Orlando for a show where I do get to wear a suit (I should get a new suit at some point too, hmmm) and then Cincinnati and then I collapse in a panic because I always fall behind on my email when I travel and right now I'm staring in the face of 127 emails tagged open and a huge percentage of them are additionally tagged "major project" help

Even Mass Effect is becoming tinged with work. I found myself wondering yesterday what Garrus' cone distribution/pigmentation is. I have a feeling, as irradiated as his home planet is, that he can probably see UV. Maybe he can't see red. I wonder what Shepard looks like to him.
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next time, using tape as a guide rule

my god i need to go back to work, i am going out of my mind

eta: i think it looks better when you slap a sloppy coat of black on the silver, you get the sort of battered gunmetal-gray like shep's actual armor :X


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