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Sep. 15th, 2011 12:45 pm
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So I am going to Quebec tomorrow WHO KNEW oh everyone at the office except me. I need a week's worth of "business nice-casual" clothes and lmao I have like two day's worth so I have to go shopping, uh, tonight, and buy pants because at this stage I have one pair of pants that is not jeans and not a suit. I come back from Quebec and then go to Baltimore and then to Orlando for a show where I do get to wear a suit (I should get a new suit at some point too, hmmm) and then Cincinnati and then I collapse in a panic because I always fall behind on my email when I travel and right now I'm staring in the face of 127 emails tagged open and a huge percentage of them are additionally tagged "major project" help

Even Mass Effect is becoming tinged with work. I found myself wondering yesterday what Garrus' cone distribution/pigmentation is. I have a feeling, as irradiated as his home planet is, that he can probably see UV. Maybe he can't see red. I wonder what Shepard looks like to him.
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Oh lord I have to be at the airport in 3 hours and I am still not done packing. Procrastination, thy name is [ profile] noabsolutes.

My parents each got Nooks last night and then called me up all excited because they'd decided they were going to add their Nooks to my Barnes & Noble account. What? Nooooooooooo. We got that sorted out and apparently B&N has a neat thing where you can teach your friends' nooks all your books as long as you either trust your friend with your CC# or your friend trusts you alone with their nook for a bit you can sideload each others' books forever. NEAT.

Okay but I really have to pack now. D: D: D:

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So I don't really grok beauty/fashion. My mom is like the lowest maintenance person around and I got a heaping dose of that, so this year my New Year's Resolution was a sort of unclear amorphous "I want to learn how to look pretty! with the hair and the makeup and the wardrobe and the sophistication and someone do this for me oh god"

I've had limited success.

Hair! )


Makeup! )

Clothing )

lol oops

Jun. 18th, 2010 04:29 pm
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Okay so the pieces are all finally falling into place at work and I have FINALLY booked my trips to London and Seville. I fly out on Tuesday. Yikes.

In related news, I recently acquired a Nook, mostly for reading things on planes. One thing that the nice lady at Barnes & Noble warned me about is that you can't buy/download things when abroad, which is GOOD TO KNOW. So I have to stock up bigtime before I leave. Book recommendations, y'all? THIS IS IMPORTANT. I'll be gone for like a week and a half and have MANY MANY MANY HOURS of airport/plane/oh god I can't sleep it's only 7 pm time to fill and I read really really fast.


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