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Last night I discovered that HR 358, the aptly-nicknamed "Let Women Die" act, passed the House, 251 to 172. All of the Republicans - minus two women, and seven who were probably out campaigning - voted for it.

I cried for about an hour.

For my Canadian friends - our healthcare system is a total mess, and in the mid 80s we enacted a law that says you have the right to emergency treatment, even if you can't pay. If you come into an emergency room on the brink of death, they are legally obligated to stabilize you, even if they are gonna lose thousands of dollars doing so. Unless, now, you are a pregnant woman and that saving you would make some shitty anti-choice doctor or nurse or tech feel bad. Then they can let you bleed to death without lifting a finger. Legally.

I have known for a long time that I am not represented by, or even valued by the House. But I guess this was the final slap in the face. To have the House overwhelmingly declare that it is right and just and moral to let women die, to let me die -- and let's be clear folks, this is about women who try to terminate their pregnancies alone and then require medical attention, because doing so is extremely fucking dangerous, and to hell with "innocent" women with ectopic pregnancies caught up in this -- just broke my heart. And I realized, this is not going to get better. I have been waiting for it to get better for ten years now and it just keeps getting worse, and it broke my heart.

So I cried for an hour.

Dave was here, and he held me, which was good of him, because the thing that scares him most in life is crying women. He told me that as a direct result of our relationship, he now considers pro-life anti-choice policies to be a dealbreaker in a candidate, and that he considers voting for Romney to be an enormous mistake that he will not repeat in the future.

Then my dad texted me out of the blue at midnight: "Damn fine daughter" and also that I am a good kid/employee and I should feel good.

So it got better.

I still fucking hate Republicans though.
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+ I paid Conjure Oils $26 bucks for a set of samples 3 weeks ago. Nary a peep since then. I understand that it's the Christmas season and all but um, it was November when I ordered these, what if they were a Christmas gift? (Well, they were, just. To me)

+ My nook has gone batshit fucking insane. They released a new firmware update recently and now it loses 10% of its battery power an hour (HELLO WHAT), it cannot open any of my books which means it fucking lost my library (oops lol!) and when I checked its storage capacity in the settings I found that it was using 78%!!!! of its disk space, which it thought was around 250 MB. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM actually the HDD is something like 1.28 GB so what is this being off by a fucking factor of five, hello. Anyway I called customer support and the customer support person told me very patiently that downloading books decreases the amount of storage space left on the Nook, so that was a lot of help. She asked me if I was near a Barnes and Noble store and I was like "well, I am actually at Boston's Logan Airport and they're gonna call my flight in like 20 minutes so let's go with 'no' and the quickfix solutions' which was apparently a factory reset.

Fun fact: you factory reset a nook by holding down the power button for 20 seconds. Six times. That was practically impossible to do on purpose (how can I not count to six and to twenty at the same time, omg my multitasking is so bad), I can see why they'd select it as something you couldn't possibly fuck up doing on your own.

So now I am downloading the next firmware update but this stupid hotel is totally incapable of wifi (like, I had to dick around with all sorts of things in order to force it to work on my laptop, no way am I gonna get the nook online), so I will have to download all the books over again myself? I guess? THAT'S COOL DUDES.

+ Also like what the fuck Violet Markette, let's talk about how cheap it is to make a perfume basically directly meant for me (honey, cream, vanilla, frankincense, and two types of pepper? ffffuuuuuuuu) (I learned her honey actually is awesome on me after it ages forever), name it after a dog, and then DONATE HALF THE PROCEEDS TO KEEPING PUPPIES WARM THIS WINTER. I am so fucking hopeless.


On the plus side, my boyfriend is awesome and amazing. He bought me a watch :,)

no matter what happens in our future or when we go our sperate ways you can know that right now in this moment i loved you // 3:15 pm

melt melt melt melt


Dec. 12th, 2010 09:01 am
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Yesterday I felt the familiar sharp twinge-snap in the back of my neck followed by excruciating pain followed by some hospital time. I finally have a diagnosis though - I have chronic tendonitis in my shoulder accompanied by repeat muscle strain in my neck. They gave me a scrip for 60 valium (sixty valium), a pending one for physical therapy, and I'm on an Rx dosage of Advil either 3 or 4 times a day but its not like it matters, I'm never awake to take dose 4. The good news - the only good news - is that none of it appears to be bone pain. Thank all the stars, it's not a spinal injury.

I woke up in agony. I cannot move without pain. My shoulder is aggressively and painfully clicking when I move it - it's sort of like cracking knuckles, it's excruciating until I do, but the cracking is excruciating itself - and my neck is so painful I cannot relax in any position without serious pain. I cannot lean back. I cannot lie down. I cannot stay upright because my neck tenses up with the strain of holding my head in the one position that does not hurt and that is exhausting and also painful. I woke up sometime around 730 because the pain was too great to continue sleeping. I immediately ate 2 valium and 3 advil and half a banana so my stomach wouldn't melt and now my head is swimming but every part of my neck and shoulder hurts to the point I just want to curl up and cry. Cannot do this though. That would hurt more.

The Boy took me to the hospital yesterday and cared for me and brought me home and bought me a milkshake because it's all my stoned self could think about. Who can find a milkshake in midwinter in Boston? I can not imagine someone more caring and wonderful.

I was supposed to fly to Philadelphia on Tuesday. I do not think that is happening anymore. I will be surprised if I am able to drive to work tomorrow.

Of all the shitty things that have happened this weekend, this is the least of them. The rest is not my story to tell but my heart is aching and I wish I wish I wish it was me. Everything is cold and unfair and painful and shitty.

This is the only good thing about this weekend.


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