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The 8th anniversary of this account's creation was 6 days ago. I have been a paid user for most of that time (I am currently paid up until next October). I also run a community of almost 9000 members (wow_ladies) which is a paid account expiring in approximately four months.

I am extremely unhappy with almost all of the changes in release 88.

As a moderator, I will miss subject lines as I frequently used them to denote moderator action. As a participant in large communities, I used them and saw them used to differentiate long comment threads from each other. As someone who frequently tracks high-volume posts, I appreciated them as the subject line of the email would copy the subject line of the comment -- as I have received up to 1000 emails a day, this was a great help. As a contributor to communities dealing with emotional and/or sensitive topics, I have used and seen them used to warn for content that may evoke a PTSD flashback or self-injuring behavior. As a contributor to communities dealing with various forms of media (video games, books, etc), I have seen them warn for spoilers. I am unhappy at the loss of this (important) function.

I am a Firefox user - I have had difficulty posting comments, posting both anonymously and under my username. My initial attempt at posting in the releases post took six tries before the comment would go through. I am unhappy at the loss of this (basic) function.

I am a frequent traveler - I generally am in an airport at least twice a week, and I often fill downtime in airports, cab rides, hotels, etc on livejournal from my mobile phone. Unfortunately my mobile phone is unable to load the new livejournal comment pages easily - the page times out more often than not. When I am able to load the comment page, I am not capable of changing my userpic (though I don't have nearly as many as some) and the post comment button often does not work. I am unhappy at this loss of (basic) function.

The new font on the default comment page is significantly harder to read, and coupled with the new high-brightness low-contrast aesthetic, contributes mightily to eyestrain (which leads to headaches in many, myself included). I am VERY unhappy at this loss of (basic) functionality - I am no longer able to use the site for longer than a few minutes at a time.

In the old commenting style, linking directly to a comment would align that comment with the left-hand side of the page, and the comments following it would expand out from there. In the new comment page, the entire thread is loaded, and if the comment you are attempting to link to is at the very end of a long comment chain, it will be formatted on one word per line at the end of a very long horizontal scrollbar. I am unhappy at this loss of functionality - linking directly to a comment should bring you directly to the comment, not force you to scroll and then decipher a poorly formatted comment.

In the new commenting style, if you attempt to post a comment after reaching the bottom of the page, the comment box will "jump up" to the top of the page. In the old commenting style, the reply box would be pinned to the bottom of the page. Having the comment box travel is pointless and slow - I am unhappy at the loss of speed and utility.

In the new commenting style, there is a substantial increase in unused whitespace. In the lj_releases post about release 88, there are currently over 9300 comments spread over (currently) 140 pages. The box holding the links to the page numbers, on my screen, is nearly 2.5" tall. This is considerably larger than the old (much smaller) style, and is an aggravating waste of screen real estate - many of your users browse on mobile devices, netbooks, or laptops - my screen is large for a laptop (15.3 on the diagonal) and the page browse box takes up fully 1/4 of the screen. I am unhappy with this wasteful (and frankly, uglier) 'aesthetic'.

The preview option has been removed (taking with it the spellcheck option). I am unhappy with the loss of this function.

The 'parent' and 'thread' links have been removed, as now comments load as part of an entire thread (as described above). Before, when loading a single thread, all comments would be expanded until the visible comment count hit the LJ default for collapse (and the remainders could be expanded manually). Now, linking to a single comment in a thread expands only that comment, and all other comments must be expanded manually (or batch expanded, in a move that appears to crash Firefox as often as it works). I am VERY, VERY UNHAPPY with the loss of this function.

Previously, to select an icon for a comment, a drop-down text box was supplied. If a user had forgotten an icon/keyword, an additional 'browse' feature loaded all the icons so the user could select the icons visually. In the new icon selection menu, all icons are loaded, which does not work on most mobile devices, is much slower to load than a drop-down text box, and also much larger (and thus unwieldy) than a simple drop-down list would be. I am unhappy with this loss in functionality.

The 'new comment' feature is pointless and appears to work sporadically.

The insert picture-video feature is useful, I assume, for those who did not know how to do so before.

In sum, I am very unhappy with the changes made to the LJ commenting system in release 88. I regret very much the substantial losses of functionality, some of which were integral to how I interfaced with the site, and nearly all of which make the purpose of the site (discussion, posting entries and comments) more difficult than before. I understand that rolling back the release is not an option at this time, but I do hope that the staff will consider reverting a great many of these changes, as I believe (and it appears to be a belief shared by many) that they are a step backwards for LiveJournal, not forwards.

When my account was due for repayment in October, LiveJournal was in the midst of suffering site-wide DDoS attacks. As site reliability was spotty at best, I hesitated at renewing but ultimately decided to recommit to the journaling/networking site where I have many of my best friends (I recently returned from a cross-country vacation at one's home; I will be serving as a bridesmaid in another's wedding in July).

I now regret that decision, and have canceled my recurring autopayments, and, as things stand, will not be renewing the paid account at wow_ladies either. Neither of them will lapse for several months - I hope very much I am given reason to renew by then.

Thank you for your time (and patience).

-[ profile] noabsolutes

(you can contact them here if you care to)
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