Feb. 26th, 2011


Feb. 26th, 2011 04:44 am
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I am home from New Orleans. God help me I love that city, I want to live there so badly. The architecture everywhere is about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and there is Spanish moss on oak trees bigger around than my queen-sized bed, and the weather is right the hell up my alley, and the food, you guys, the food. I think every last one of the best meals I have ever had was in New Orleans. I have been there something like five or six times (some before Katrina, twice after), and I just... I want to live there.

It did not hurt that it was glorious down there, in the mid-70s at least, and I came home to a snowstorm. Are we done yet? I am done with this.

I ate enough for six people while there. Unngh muffalettas and po' boys and thin-fried catfish and cafe au lait and beignets and gumbo and red beans and rice and two days later I still think I'm going to pop.

Grandpa is okay. Better than okay. He is great. He had a triple bypass and a heart valve replacement and came out of surgery yesterday. He is already out of the ICU and into his private room in the recovery ward. The nurses said when he left that most patients are not fully conscious by the time he was ready to check out. The nurses think he is hilarious and a charmer (my Grandpa is an outrageous flirt, and I don't think the morphine and dilaudid have helped) and go out of their way to check on him.

My shoulder is getting stronger but hurts more. Physical therapy progresses. I'm getting there.


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